The Story:

I stepped on my first skateboard when I was around 10 years old, and was immediately hooked.

Me, ~2005

Me, bomb drop, c. 2005

Throughout middle school and high school, skateboarding played a major role in my life.  It was even the subject of my college admissions essay.  I left my hometown of Centerport, New York

to go to Villanova University, and graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering four years later.  Skating stayed a passion of mine.

After working two years as an engineer in the industrial gases industry in Pennsylvania, I left my job to go move to San Diego to explore hands-on learning and how to start and run a business.  I had a few ideas, and a skateboard company was one of them – mainly because I wanted a symmetrical skateboard and a brand I felt like I could connect with more.

First successful homemade board.

First successful homemade board

I started designing and building skateboards.  Being an engineer, I created detailed drawings of my designs before I made them.  I thought these were pretty useful, and thought they would help other skaters, too – we could compare how we like boards with 15 degree kicktails to boards with 20 degree kicktails.  We could associate a number with concave, instead of the vague “mellow” and “steep” terms we are familiar with (but confused by).

Through all of this, I realized how this process – the design and construction of skateboards – is a perfect platform for learning practical creative and engineering skills.  Now, through hands-on design/build workshops, I hope to inspire and empower others to pursue creative and technical projects, while still creating my own (and your own) “open source” skateboards.

I’d love for you to be part of this story.

Please say hi if you’d like to get involved or think I can help :).

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