How our sponsorship program works:

1) Make a video with 2 to 5 minutes of you skateboarding.  In your video, answer these questions:Greg D.

a) What is your name?

b) How has skateboarding had a positive impact on your life?

c) Why do you want to join the Open Source Skateboards team?

d) How do you have a positive impact on your community?  (This can be any community you are a part of – your local community, the skateboarding community, etc.)

2) Submit a link to your video to:


3) We will determine if you are eligible for one of our two tiers of sponsorship:

Tier 1 – you will be eligible for 1 free deck each month

Tier 2 – you will be eligible for 1 deck at half price ($30) each month

4) In order to maintain your sponsorship for either Tier 1 or Tier 2, you must:

Compete in 1 competition


Produce at least 2 minutes of YouTube/Vimeo videos with your Open Source Skateboards deck


Produce 5 Instagram videos with your deck and tag #opensourceskateboards


Influence 2 other skaters to purchase an Open Source Skateboards deck – they will receive 5% off each, and for every additional 2 referrals, you get another free deck.  You will be given a unique coupon code if accepted for a Tier 1 or Tier 2 sponsorship.

5) You will not be eligible for the free or discounted deck if you do not do at least one of the above for a given month.

6) As we grow, and as you progress as a skater, other benefits are anticipated (custom shaping/board design, custom graphics, etc.) and consideration for Tier 2 skaters to move up to Tier 1 is ongoing.

Thanks for supporting Open Source Skateboards and making a difference – we look forward to hearing from you!