The Board Identification System

The Board Identification SystemTM number (or BIS #) is the unique signature of every skateboard. This number defines the characteristics of each skateboard deck.  Use this number with your personal experience and our forum’s research to select the board that will optimize your skateboarding experience and expression.  This system is continually being developed and improved.  Please provide your feedback on our forum.


 BIS # = W-L-A-R-N-D-T-E-H

W – width, in inches
L – length, in inches
A – angle of nose and tail (symmetrical), in degrees
R – radius of concavity, in inches (see resources page to understand how much drop there is from the center of the board to the edges)
N – nose and tail length (symmetrical)
D – horizontal length of kicktail (symmetrical)
T – transition distance between flat kicks and full concave, in inches
E – edge style, in edge style number (see specific drawings for detailed dimensions)
H – kick height, in inches, measured from the bottom side of the deck to bottom side of the kick (updated 6/12/16)*

*Any drawings prior to 6/12/16 may not show dimension “H” in the BIS #.
For asymmetrical skateboards, the following parameters will be displayed as follows, with superscript N and T referencing nose and tail, respectively:

AN/AT – kick angle of nose and tail, respectively, in degrees
NN/NT – nose and tail length, respectively, in inches
DN/DT – horizontal length of nose and tail kicktails, respectively, in inches
TN/TT – transition distance for nose and tail, respectively, in inches
EN/ET – edge style of nose and tail, respectively, in edge style number
HN/HT – height of kicknose and kicktail, respectively, in inches


An example of a symmetrical BIS #:


An example of an asymmetrical BIS #: