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Design and Build Your Own Skateboard!

Upcoming workshops:

October 14 & 15, San Diego, CA:

October 21 & 22, Vista, CA

November 11 & 12, San Diego, CA:

November 18 & 19, Vista, CA:

If there are no upcoming workshops or you can’t make one, please contact us to schedule a workshop!  FAQs are below.



How long are the workshops?

Each workshop is about 3 hours over the course of 2 days (6 hours total).  It takes at least a day for the glue to dry, so we cannot do a full workshop in one day.

Where are the workshops held?

We typically run our workshops at makerspaces throughout San Diego.  To bring our workshop to your organization, please contact us!

How old do I need to be?

Ages 8 and up, but if you are under 16, you must attend with a parent or guardian.  Power tools ARE used in this workshop.

What is included with the workshop?

All materials for making a custom skateboard deck that’s a maximum of 33″ long and 9″ wide.  We start with seven maple veneers and a foam block.  You will make and keep your own foam mold.  Wheels, trucks, bearings, and assembly hardware are not included.  However, you will receive a discount code for ordering these parts.

What’s schedule for each workshop session?

Day 1:

2.5 hours for designing and shaping the foam mold

1 hour for glue-up / prep

Day 2:

2.5 hours for cutting, drilling, and sanding

Will I paint my graphic in this workshop?IMG_4167

We cannot paint in this workshop due to the lengthy drying time of paint and clear-coat.  We can provide an info packet to guide you on graphics options and application instructions.

However, if you are interested in laser-engraving a custom graphic, we can make the necessary arrangements.  An additional fee will apply.