Learn Freestyle Skateboarding

Freestyle Skateboarding Tutorials

(and some design, build, and other general skateboarding tutorials)

Freestyle skateboarding categorizes a type of skateboarding that is typically done on flat ground and involves moving tricks, stationary tricks, footwork, and spinning.  Freestyle is the type of skateboarding Rodney Mullen and Kilian Martin do (they are two of the most well-known freestyle skateboarders).

I’ve been skateboarding for over 15 years, and am in no way a natural athlete – I’ve struggled to learn almost everything I know now, and hope to share my lessons with you so that you can become a better skateboarder faster.

This page is a constant work in progress, and is where I’ll share all my tutorial videos.  If you’re feeling generous, you can support the creation of these videos via Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/opensourceskateboards.

Enjoy! 🙂

Structured Tutorials:

1: Basics of Skateboarding

1.1: Finding Balance and Pushing

1.2: How to Turn and Pivot

1.3: Manuals / Wheelies

1.4: Tic Tacs

2: Footwork Fundamentals

2.1: Monster Walks

2.2: Endovers

2.3: 180 Body Varials

2.4: Walk-the-Dog

2.4.1: Walk-the-Dog: Troubleshooting

2.5: 360s (360 manual)

3: Basic Tricks

3.1: Bunny Hops

3.2: Boneless

3.3: Backside Shove-it

3.4: Tailstop Fingerflip

3.5: Ollie


Older and/or not yet structured:

Wheelies and manuals:

How to Manual Longer

Non-ollie flip tricks:

Oldschool Varial Kickflip


Log Roll

Ollie-based flip tricks:


360 Underflip

Kickflip Pretzel

360 Underflip Pretzel

Confusion Flip (similar to impossible late flip)

Pretzel Heelflip

Fliptrick to Rail

360 Kiwi Flip

Grab tricks:

Ollie Airwalk

Stationary Maneuvers:

Railstand (Primo Stand) – 3 Simple Ways

Basic Rail to Rail Flips

Advanced Rail to Rail Flips

Cooper Flip

Railstand to Manual

Railstand Shove Late Underflip

Rail Flip to One-Wheel Railstand



Switch Foot Pogo


Butter Flip

No-Handed Butter Flip

General Skateboarding:

How to be a More Creative Skateboarder

How to Get Better, Faster

Basic Skateboard Maintenance

Skateboard Design & Selection:

Skateboard Width

Skateboard Concave

Skateboard Pop Angle

Measuring Pop Angle

Skateboard Length

Skateboard Truck Height

Creating a 3D Model Skateboard (Simplified)

Drawing a Cruiser Skateboard Deck

Drawing a Street Skateboard Deck

What I Ride and Why

Skateboard Building

Making a Foam Mold

Pressing a Skateboard with Roarockit Technology

Creating a Skateboard Template

Shaping a Deck

Clearcoating a Skateboard Deck

Laser Engraving a Skateboard Deck

Designing and Building a Carbon Fiber and Maple Composite Skateboard

Making Stickers at Home